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Our music programming is exceptional; ensuring a mixture of era’s, genres, and artists within the context of your target consumer’s taste. This can lean mainstream, pop, alternative, cool – whatever the ‘brand fit’ is, we can deliver it.

As messy as he can be, he is adorable and we couldn’t possibly let him go.

A:   Yes, we can give an approximate time when your messages will run. We can schedule messages to run according to:

  • Hour of day
  • Specific days of the week
  • Specific dates

A:   Yes! Absolutely, we encourage this. If you already have ‘above the line’ marketing and existing radio or television commercials, we can insert your current campaigns into your instore radio programming.

A:   Great question. Call us or email to discuss. We are all about Customer Service. The chat is free, and with all our experience we will ensure you get the right advice to make an informed decision.

A:   Another great question! The simple answer is that they are only music suppliers. You still are required to pay APRA and PPCA fees, however you have no ability with these ‘streaming’ services to insert your own promotional and advertising messages. Furthermore, these are ‘streaming’ radio services, they are prone and known to ‘drop-out’ and buffer during busy internet moments in your business. Skipping audio and long silences are not a great outcome for your brand or atmosphere instore.

A:   Our creative writers and production specialists will help steer you in the right direction. We’ll assist to script, record and load the messages into your system for optimal and timely playback. You can choose from our pool of professional male and female voice artists, and your in-store advertisements only become final when you’re 100% satisfied.

A:   Yes. You can insert promotions, audio advertisements or employee messages to your music playlists. In-store messaging features let you deliver highly targeted marketing messages at the point of purchase. Telephone on-hold messaging connects with your existing phone systems and reaches customers while they wait on hold. Plus, you’ll have the ability to make updates within 24 hours with no staff involvement!

A:   Music and messaging schedules can be modified at any time and as often as you like. Your Active Instore Radio device is set to connect over the internet on a nightly basis. So any changes made will go into effect the next day if required. Alternatively, we can update messages and music immediately if required.

A:   If the hardware fails we will send you a replacement player (within 24 hours) at no extra cost. As part of our ongoing supply, if your background music or On hold system fails it will be replaced at no charge. All our packages include ongoing support and equipment replacement warranty.

A:   Yes. The music and messaging content is delivered digitally to your venue via a standard internet connection.

A:   No! Not at all! Our systems are designed to be plug & play, requiring minimal cost and effort to be operational, so you can focus more on your business!

A:  Yes. If you don’t have them we can organise a separate quote for this. You can also use a small desktop stereo system for smaller stores.

A:   Music licensing (APRA, PPCA, ARIA and AMCOS), are required for all public performances and reproduction of any commercial music, anyone playing music instore is responsible for APRA and PPCA. Active Instore ensure all fees are paid and up-to-date. We can include these in our fee or if you are already paying these fees, then we’ll allow for this expense in our cost estimate. Call us to discuss by clicking on the ‘contact‘ link at the top right of this page.