We are ‘different’

Active Instore is a specialist branded instore music provider ‘with promotional messaging’ provider for retail outlets; typically in consumer-facing environments.

Or put another way, we build your very own fully branded, fully personalised, targeted radio station.

Unlike the majority of companies, Active Instore don’t do ‘off-the-shelf’; we do not have ‘cookie-cutter’ formats that we roll out to each partner, but rather we design, format, and deliver seamlessly (with no staff involvement required) branded music programming that is in sync with your brand position and consumer profile; and provides you the opportunity to ‘soft-market’ to your consumers whilst they are instore, with a view to increasing basket size and incremental sales for your business.

We take the time to understand your target consumer and build a unique, tailored format. We always seek to identify, at a minimum:

  • Your target demographic.
  • If you target females, or males, or a combination of both; and if so, to what extent.
  • The psychographic of your target; for example all 25-year olds are not the same, and all 40-year olds are not the same. Does your brand position itself for early adopters, leading edge, mainstream? This plays a role in the music formatting.
  • The ‘linger’ time of customers in your stores – which influences the frequency of messaging.
  • Whether your instore environment is a ‘busy’ one, or a ‘quiet’ one.

Our experience in putting music formats, and profiling consumers in radio and retail, means we deliver an exceptionally high quality music offering unique to your business.

Research says …

There is a myriad of research that outlines the positive influence music has on consumers, and on their enjoyment of the shopping experience. Customer ‘linger’ time in your store can allow an opportunity to both enhance the customer experience (through enjoyable music) and to grow basket size through the promotional and commercial messaging that can be inserted within the programming.

Our clients say “it’s like a commercial radio station but much better”, as it’s helping sell their stock and services, without all the other clutter, talk and competitor advertising that airs on commercial radio stations.

Have a listen

Active Instore can provide you a tailored instore music offering, featuring targeted music and messages which when put together sounds like your very own branded radio station.

Inside busy shopping centre

Active Instore Music + Messaging Guarantee

  • Works for 1 store, or 1,000 stores
  • Music that is on-brand, targeted, and based on your consumer profile and target market; always filtered for language
  • Music that is non-repetitive, broad in era and genre (within the target), and enjoyable for your staff and customers
  • Technically seamless – there is zero human intervention required at store level, we do all updates remotely so you need never worry about updates
  • Fully licensed and compliant with PPCA and APRA
  • Our units double, if required, as an on-hold system for the individual store.
  • Your branding or tactical messaging embedded within the program, and easily updated, to influence your consumers at the point of purchase

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