Branded instore radio stations.

Active Instore develop personalised instore radio stations,
with music and messaging aligned to your brand.
Whether you have 1, or 1,000 sites, we can help.

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Music to match
your brand.

Whoever your target consumers are, we'll design an engaging, on-brand music playlist, updated daily, to ensure your customers
and staff have the perfect soundtrack each day.

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Increase customer engagement.

Our instore audio helps to create an engaging atmosphere, encouraging customers to 'linger longer'. And that means more revenue for you!

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Simple implementation.

Our tech is 'plug and play'.

1. Plug the unit into your internet connection.
2. Connect to your  speakers.

Within 60 seconds, you've got those sweet tunes giving out good vibes!

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Benefits of a branded instore radio station.


Influence purchase decisions.

80% of buying decisions are made instore. Your branded radio station, with call-to-action messaging, has a direct influence on purchasing decisions.


Create a relaxing atmosphere.

84% of people say that they feel happier and more relaxed listening to music that they enjoy. Gotta be a positive!



82% of shoppers make unplanned purchase decisions in store. We know the music they like, and we deliver it every day.

It makes good sense for customers and staff.

Let's face it. It's a better vibe instore for customers to hear familiar, enjoyable music while they browse and, importantly, your staff will appreciate it!

And with Active Instore helping you market to your customers while they browse: ka-ching you are making bank!

We take care of all, so you can focus on growing your business.

We are fully licensed and compliant with OneMusic (PPCA,APRA/AMCOS) and are happy to take care of this for you

Zero intervention required at site-level, we do all updates remotely, no need for staff to do a thing

The music is on-brand, targeted to your consumers, updated daily, and filtered for inappropriate language

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Have a listen...

Our clients say “it’s like a commercial radio station, but without long ad breaks, and with far more music”.

And it’s helping sell their products and services, without the clutter, boring talk, long ad breaks, and competitor advertising that often airs on commercial radio stations.


Don't just take our word for it...

Helpful, easy to deal with, and very affordable. Tick ✔️ Tick ✔️ Tick ✔️ for our business bottomline.

Allison W

Bendigo, Victoria

The guys at Active are always available to chat if we ever have any issues, weekends as well!

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Newcastle, NSW

Great music, happy staff and customers.

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Mt. Gambier, SA


You have questions, we have answers.

Need help?
Can I have ads for my brand within the music?

Yes, and we encourage this. Typically we do this at company or master franchisor level to ensure consistency and economies of scale. It sounds great, and it's a great way to influence your consumers whilst they are the point of purchase.

We love to do topical imaging around Christmas, footy finals, Easter to reflect what your customers are thinking about. Messaging can be updated within 24 hours, even faster if there is an urgency.

Our production partner Loud Zebra is the best in the business.

How many songs do you play, will there be repeats?

We believe that when it comes to an instore music solution, you have two groups to consider.

Clearly the music needs to be familiar, enjoyable, and on brand for the customers who are browsing - whether they are there for 5-minutes or 50-minutes. But also for your staff who are likely to hear the music for hours all day.

We ensure the music is great for both groups, and that we update it often so your staff are always hearing different tracks in the mix.

Why not just use Spotify or Apple Music?

The short answer is that you can.

The longer answer is that you will still need to pay OneMusic license fees, and these platforms are music suppliers only, they do not have the capacity to insert your ads within the music.

And if you're on their free tier, you will hear ads from other companies - just not yours.

Why wouldn't I play a local radio station?

Again, you can.

You will still need to pay OneMusic license fees, and you will need to be comfortable with lots of long talk breaks, ad breaks that can typically run 5-6 minutes long, and depending on the category that your business is in, you may hear ads for your competitors.

Depending on the format of the station, if it is one of the 'hit focused' stations, you are likely to hear some songs every 3-4 hours.

We don't do this, not so much for your customers who obviously won't be instore for 3-4 hours, but for your staff who are likely to be there all day with the music playing,  and it doesn't matter how much you love the new Taylor Swift song, repetition of that nature just isn't fun for anyone.

What is Music Licensing?

All retail outlets, clubs, bars - pretty much anywhere where you play music, aside from at home - require a license from OneMusic, who represent ARIA, PPCA and APRA/AMCOS). They are the organisations who collect fees for, and pay fees to, artists for their music to be used.

License costs vary depending on what you're playing, whether it's a Radio Station, Spotify, iPod, or a curated service like Active Instore. And they are influenced by your floor space. The larger the higher the fee.

It can be difficult to navigate, however Active Instore are experts in this space and have excellent relationships with OneMusic. We can assist by advising you on the best approach, or by taking care of it on your behalf.

Got a question? Whether you're looking at Active Instore or not, we'd be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Do I need an Internet connection?

Yes, ideally you do. We update our music and messaging content daily and deliver it overnight during your downtime via a standard internet connection. It uses minimal bandwidth and will not impact your download limits.

Do I need speakers in my store to use Active Instore?

Yes you will. We have assisted sites with internal speakers, portable speakers, Sonos speakers, and others. We'd be happy to give you a steer on how to do this if you're unsure.

How are the messages produced, do I need to write them?

Our creative writers and production specialists take care of this. We’ll assist in scripting to your key points, we'll voice, record and load the messages into the system for playback. You choose the voice you prefer - male, female, older, younger - and the tone you'd like. Or, we can choose for you based on your brand requirements.

Simply put, we do it all. Our professional production studio Loud Zebra handle all of our ad requirements.

Will this require a lot of my time?

Nope. Our systems are designed to be plug & play, so you can focus more on your business! In most cases, the setup takes 5-minutes (and it's incredibly easy).

Once our unit is playing, you never need to touch it again, it just plays. It's kind of like the old energiser bunny!

How much does it cost?

Very reasonable question. Give us a call or email us to discuss. We like to be transparent about our costs, OneMusic costs, and what the bottom line figure is for you.

We will ensure you get the right advice to make an informed decision. If that means you come with Active Instore, brilliant. If another option is more suited for your needs, we'll tell you that.

What about Tech Support?

Good question. You can call us 7-days a week and we'll answer. If our unit has, for whatever reason, decided to stop working we will send you a replacement unit within 24-hours at our cost.

Archie, your dog on the site is too cute. Can I adopt him?

Well if he continues to over-order on Schmacko's you're a outside chance, but generally speaking we couldn't possibly let him go.

We keep it simple.

plug & play tech

on-brand music updated daily

only ads for your brand