How it works

At Active Instore our radio experience enables us to build an amazing sounding branded radio station for you. However, perhaps more importantly, our retail and brand experience ensures that we understand how to not only entertain your customers, but to market to them in an appropriate way at the point of purchase.

We know that for you, confidence that it ‘works every day, all the time’ is critical. So we have ensured developing and launching your own branded instore radio station is surprisingly easy (and surprisingly affordable!).

Step 1:    We conduct a ‘discovery’ process with you to ensure we understand your brand positioning, and your consumer profile.

Step 2:    We build a music playlist/format that is exclusive to, and tailored for, your brand. This will be a format that you simply will not hear on any radio station; it will be too sharply focused on your needs to be anything that a traditional radio station could offer.

Step 3:    We get the branded messages; and the tactical ‘call to action’ messaging right. This means ensuring you are comfortable with the scripts, the messages, and the voices. We produce them in our professional studio on Pro-Tools (the same equipment every radio station operates).

Step 4:    We distribute to each of your outlets our ‘playout box’; with instructions on how to connect this to your internet connection onsite. If there’s any dramas we are always available to help out.

Step 5:    Once that is connected; we download the programming and you’re away with your own fully branded, and on-brand, radio station playing exclusively across your network of stores!


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Active Instore Music + Messaging Guarantee

  • Your branding or tactical messaging embedded within the program, and easily updated, to influence your consumers at the point of purchase
  • Music that is on-brand, targeted, and based on your consumer profile and target market; always filtered for language
  • Music that is non-repetitive, broad in era and genre (within the target), and enjoyable for your staff and customers
  • Technically seamless – there is zero human intervention required at store level, we do all updates remotely so you need never worry about updates
  • Fully licensed and compliant with PPCA and APRA
  • Our units double, if required, as an on-hold system for the individual store
  • Works for 1 store, or 1,000 stores

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